Traditional divorce

With the DivorceGiant Traditional Divorce (sm) program you have the comfort and security of being represented by an award winning divorce attorney with the knowlege, compassion and trial experience to achieve your goals. While every effort is made to settle your case, we do so under your terms and if the going gets tough, we are prepared to win.


How it works?

With DivorceGiant’s Traditional Divorce (sm) program, you retain an award winning lawyer to represent you in your case.  Your lawyer has one goal in mind, protecting your interests in pursuit of your needs and goals.

The advantages.

  • Experienced representation throughout the divorce process.
  • Perfect in situations were agreement is less likely without leverage.
  • Maximize the outcome of your case.
  • Regain control of your situation.
  • Create a level playing field.
  • Formal discovery provides protection against fraud or hidden assets.
  • Protect your share of the marital assets.

The Disadvantages.

  • Potentially higher conflict.

What is included?

☑ Everything necessary, in pursuit of your goals, under your terms from beginning to end.

We provide you with an award winning divorce attorney and specialist who has the experience, compassion and knowledge in divorce representation in low and high conflict cases. We love to settle cases, but are not afraid to fight.  Experience has taught us that the key to a good settlement is to prepare as if you are going to trial.

☑ Completion of all documents.  (Summons, Complaint for Divorce, Proof of Service, discovery requests, valuation of assets, Optional Confidential Settlement Agreement, Judgment of divorce, Judgment Information forms and Uniform Support Orders).

☑ Child support documents

☑ Parenting time plans

☑ Alimony plans

☑ Name change provision for the wife

☑ We guarantee that 100% of our documents will be court approved.

☑ Attorney time billed hourly.

How much does it cost?

Cost:  $295.00 per hour of attorney time billed against a refundable retainer.

What is not included?

☑ Filing fees and expert fees.


About DivorceGiant

We believe that you are responsible for everything in your life no matter the external circumstances.  You don’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you interpret what happens to you and how you respond. That is why, at DivorceGiant we give you proven, effective choices for managing your divorce and choosing how you respond to your situation.

The three choices are a traditional divorce, cooperative divorce and an assisted divorce.

In a traditional divorce, an experienced divorce lawyer represents you and your interests, focusing on results, by preparing for trial. In a cooperative divorce, an experienced lawyer will still represent one party, but with a focus on cooperative settlement and if the other party cooperates, legal fees can be reduced. In an assisted divorce you represent yourself and we provide you the documents and guidance necessary to navigate the court system with a significant savings over a traditional or cooperative divorce.

These three choices provide you with the freedom to decide how you divorce, how you find happiness and justice. We put you in control of how your divorce impacts you and more importantly how it impacts your family.

About the author.

I have been exclusively practicing divorce and family law in Michigan for over two decades.  Our attorneys share the core value of practicing law to help people navigate change in their lives, without compromising principles.  We specialize in high socio-economic, high-profile and high-conflict cases, while also working with clients of all backgrounds. We recognize that the most important aspect of the practice of law is the application of the law to your specific circumstances.